The New Movie “Motherless Brooklyn” – Is It Anything Like The Book?

Every good movie comes from a good novel written by famous authors and read by many over the years. That is why Edward Norton, the director of the film “Motherless Brooklyn,” based this on the novel written by Jonathan Lethem, the writer of the book from which the movie owes its title. So does it show anything like that of the book? Let’s find out.

The way Norton wants to play it

In most of Edward Norton’s movies, they were more like an adaption and not precisely what is found in the book. But the story, the concept, and the drive was there. According to Norton, the movie could not be translated to screen if the setting was the same as the book.

So there are things that Norton changed to adapt the story of the book to a movie. What are these things?

Changed the book’s setting from 1999 to 1957

Norton thought it would be perfect to draw the timeline of the movie back to 1957. Of course a lot of things have to change from the book. All of the things you can find in 1999 that was mentioned in the book were eliminated. That means they have to change some places, gadgets and other stuffs. They also have to change some terms used in the ’90s as it will not fit in the ’50s.

Other things, like the mentioning of EZ pass in the book, which could not be found in the ’50s, are also changed. Norton was able to create a different setting, around how to get the kidnapping scene to play.

The Plot was adjusted

There are different things in the book that were shortened or altered to fit on the screenplay. Other characters emphasized in the novel were mentioned in the movie, but their emphasis was reduced.

The protagonist’s Tourette’s syndrome

There are also slight differences between the protagonist’s Tourette syndrome in the book and the Tourette syndrome he portrays in the movie. But just like in the written novel, the protagonist would often invoke the word “Bailey” as the uncontrollable part of his condition. In the movie, he would pretend like he is sneezing when this happens.

Motherless Brooklyn is a detective type of movie which gives lots of suspense and thrill. No fictional characters involved. It only depicts the reality of the society we are living right now, as represented by each character in the movie.

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