Ethan Hawke Makes “Adopt A Highway” A Good Movie

Adopt A Highway

Ethan Hawke is a gem in the entertainment industry. He is a 4 time Academy Award nominee, and a Tony Award nominee. He has also directed 3 feature films, 3 Off-Broadway plays, and a documentary. He is an accomplished novelist with 3 books and 1 graphic novel published. His breakthrough performance was his role in the coming-of-age drama film Dead Poets Society, and this most notable work is the Before Trilogy: Before Sunrise, Before Sunset and Before Midnight, directed by Richard Linklater. He again teamed up with Richard Linklater in the critically acclaimed film Boyhood. He is one of those actors whose work just keeps getting better and better with age. And there is still a lot that Hawke can offer in future projects.

Newest Hawke film, a good movie

Written and directed by Logan Marshall-Green, Adopt A Highway is a story that revolves around an ex-convict who just gets out of prison. He has no friends, no family, and was on probation. He slowly discovers the new world about him and tries his best to acclimate. He is trying his best to get away from trouble. He then discovers a baby in a trash bin at his workplace, and he decides to call 911 to tell them about his discovery but, at the last minute, decides against it and keeps the baby. He does his best to take care of the baby for a few days until he decides to call the authorities. He gets into trouble as he is told that he could not keep the baby due to his record and decides to run away with the baby. And this is where the story escalates.

The movie Adopt A Highway premiered last March 10, 2019, at the SXSW and has received mixed or average reviews. The story was not thought out enough to make it feel real. The gravity of the situation is not punctuated enough in the personality of the character. Nothing in the character’s background compels him to do this thing as his character is doing his best to avoid problems with the police.

It certainly helped that Ethan Hawke is an excellent actor. He gives such a rich performance, that the audience can dive deeper into the character whose life was ruined by a few mistakes he had done when he was young and was punished cruelly with the system that was supposed to help him. It was through Hawke’s depiction of the character’s loneliness that the audience can get on board with why his character left with the baby.

Where’s Harry Potter Now? In the New TV Show “Miracle Workers”

No one could miss the movie series Harry Potter. The entire film series had hit 7.7 billion dollars in the box office. Of course, billions of fans came from different parts of the world. It’s one of the biggest and most successful fantasy movie series in history.

Of course, no one can forget Harry Potter, portrayed by Daniel Radcliffe. In fact, The Harry Potter movie is where we see them grow from childhood to adolescence. The movie has become a part of almost half of their lives. But where is Harry Potter right now?

What’s been going on with Daniel Radcliffe, aka Harry Potter?

After a successful back to back movie of Harry Potter, what has happened to the one who portrayed the role? Well, we saw him mostly in Harry Potter movie right, but after Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 2 (the last harry potter movie) in 2011, he continues to be active in various films. In 2012 he starred as Arthur Kipps in “The Woman in Black,” and Allen Ginsberg in Kill Your Darlings. He continues to make several movies like “Horns,” “What if?” and Train Wreck. He also starred as Walter Mabry, the villain in the famous film “Now You See Me 2.”

With all the films and television shows Radcliffe has been doing, he is now playing a lead role in the American anthology comedy series called the Miracle Workers.

What is the Miracle Workers all about?

It’s actually a fictional comedy about God who decides to blow earth and wanted to focus on a new restaurant. Meanwhile, Daniel Radcliffe, as Craig Bog, works in the department of answered prayers where billions of prayers are received daily. Geraldine Viswanathan, as Eliza Hunter, was transferred to this department and started to work with Craig. They wanted to make a deal to God not to blow up the earth by doing an impossible miracle. They would bring two socially awkward people Sam and Laura, who had a crush on each other to get together and kiss.

The Miracle Workers show is filled with comedy and is ridiculously funny. As Eliza and Craig try to pursue the difficult task of getting Sam and Laura together, a lot of things have been going on. Ridiculous and funny kinds of stuff had happened as they were put into this impossible task. Eventually, God decides not to blow up the earth, but they have to continue the deal. Sam and Laura had to kiss.

Options For Seeing New Movies In Your Home Theater

With constant changes in technology, we’re watching less movies at the movie theater and more at home. We can find nearly any movie we want on websites like 123 movies and can watch on our laptops, tablets, or even mobile phones. If you’re lucky enough to have a home theater, you may want to watch the newest Hollywood blockbusters. Here are a few ways you can do that. 

Prima Cinema

If money isn’t an object, you can take advantage of this device. It’s a way to access new theater releases to watch in your home theater. The device itself runs from $35,000 to $50,000 and each movie will cost you about $500 per title.

Screening Room

Screening Room allows viewers to watch the latest movies in Hollywood for as low as $50 a film. There will be similar fees associated with Prima Cinema and right now there’s a lot of pushback from North American and European theatres. Stay tuned for options like these in the future.


IMAX offers a Private Theatre that brings the IMAX experience to your home. The only catch here? It will cost viewers around $2.25 million! It’s currently only available in China but there’s speculation that it will come to North America soon.

Realistic Options For Seeing New Movies In Your Home Theater

Chances are, you’re not a billionaire who’s able to dish out several thousands of dollars to watch a new movie at home. That’s where websites like 123movies gostream come in. There are several websites now available, many of which have some of Hollywood’s newest blockbusters. These websites are easy to use, and movies can be watched for free. Simply stream the movie or download to watch later. Just a few clicks and you’ll be able to enjoy a new movie from the comfort of your home theater!

The New Movie “Motherless Brooklyn” – Is It Anything Like The Book?

Every good movie comes from a good novel written by famous authors and read by many over the years. That is why Edward Norton, the director of the film “Motherless Brooklyn,” based this on the novel written by Jonathan Lethem, the writer of the book from which the movie owes its title. So does it show anything like that of the book? Let’s find out.

The way Norton wants to play it

In most of Edward Norton’s movies, they were more like an adaption and not precisely what is found in the book. But the story, the concept, and the drive was there. According to Norton, the movie could not be translated to screen if the setting was the same as the book.

So there are things that Norton changed to adapt the story of the book to a movie. What are these things?

Changed the book’s setting from 1999 to 1957

Norton thought it would be perfect to draw the timeline of the movie back to 1957. Of course a lot of things have to change from the book. All of the things you can find in 1999 that was mentioned in the book were eliminated. That means they have to change some places, gadgets and other stuffs. They also have to change some terms used in the ’90s as it will not fit in the ’50s.

Other things, like the mentioning of EZ pass in the book, which could not be found in the ’50s, are also changed. Norton was able to create a different setting, around how to get the kidnapping scene to play.

The Plot was adjusted

There are different things in the book that were shortened or altered to fit on the screenplay. Other characters emphasized in the novel were mentioned in the movie, but their emphasis was reduced.

The protagonist’s Tourette’s syndrome

There are also slight differences between the protagonist’s Tourette syndrome in the book and the Tourette syndrome he portrays in the movie. But just like in the written novel, the protagonist would often invoke the word “Bailey” as the uncontrollable part of his condition. In the movie, he would pretend like he is sneezing when this happens.

Motherless Brooklyn is a detective type of movie which gives lots of suspense and thrill. No fictional characters involved. It only depicts the reality of the society we are living right now, as represented by each character in the movie.

The Secret Behind The Huge Popularity Of “Rick And Morty”

Popularity in this day and age is a tricky thing. One show could be popular with a particular group of people but could be unknown to another. And because people now have an unlimited choice of movies and series to watch, niche viewer groups are coming out of the woodworks. These groups are known for being avid fans of a certain television series that they are invested in the inside jokes of the show, which are entirely unknown to other people. These people can be hardcore fans that follow the progress of the show religiously, not missing an update whenever it maybe.

However, there is the case of popular televisions that can be completely unknown to people but is deeply involved in mainstream media that everyone knows it whether or not they have watched the show. This is the case of the cartoon television show Rick and Morty.

Cartoons for the adults

There are numerous cartoon series that are known for giving satirical commentary about social and political issues. These shows are catered to adults.  Shows like The Simpsons and Beavis and Butthead have made it possible for this type of genre of the cartoon to reach the mainstream.

Created by Justin Rolland and Dan Harmon for Cartoon Network’s Adultswim, Rick and Morty is an American adult-themed animated series. The show is about the misadventures of a mad-scientist Rick Sanchez and his kind-heart grandson Morty Smith. The series centers on their life together as they interchangeably go through their domestic lives and interdimensional trips. The series was originally a short parody film of Back to the Future which eventually, had blown up into this long-running series with a cult-like fanbase.

The show starts at Smith’s residence, where Rick lives as a guest. Rick is an alcoholic mad scientist who takes his easily-distressed 14-year-old grandson Morty to adventures. They are opposites of each other, and that is why their ideas clash sometimes, but in the end, they both find a resolution.

This series takes place in an infinite number of realities where characters travel to other dimensions and galaxies through Rick’s time-traveling car, much like Doc’s car in Back in the Future.

Both niche and mainstream

There are many dedicated groups online that have threads of discussions over this series. However, because of the dedication of their fans, more people are now getting curious about the show. The show has become so popular that it has teamed up with Pringles for a commercial at a half-time show.

How Much Do Movie Stars Get Paid For A Role?

Several different people are working on a set of a film. Aside from the actors, there are screenwriters, makeup artists, camera operators, boom operators, key grips, directors, producers, and so many more. Each one of them has different movie salaries. It depends on the heft of their jobs and their status in the industry.

Jobs in a movie

The first thing that people always notice in a film is the lead actor. For A-list movie stars in big production studios, they make around $15-$20 million for their role. For secondary lead actors with A-list status, they make about $1.5-$4.5 million. However, for those actors who are not considered A-list, their movie salaries could be around $150,000-$300,000. A-list actors will definitely make more money compared to non A-list actors despite the amount of their involvement in the film. The reason is that A-list actors have that Hollywood status of being on top, and with them in the billing of the film, ensures that the film will either receive critical acclaim or definite audience views or both.

The next thing that moviegoers look into is the directors. There are many notable directors known for their specific style. For example, directors like Steven Spielberg, Michael Bay, Quentin Tarantino, Tim Burton and Wes Anderson are known for their styles in film. For newbie directors, their first project would usually earn them around $500,000. Depending on the impact that their first movie makes, the trajectory of their pay will change over time. For example, if a first movie gets paid well at $1 million, the next film payout could be around $8-$9 million.

People who work along the director are the producers. For a typical Hollywood producer, they earn about $750,000-$1 million in every project. For a successful movie or movie franchise, it could be higher than $10 million.

Another person who works with the director is the screenwriter. For original scripts, film screenwriters are often paid around $70,000-$80,000. For an adaptation, the fee would be approximately $60,000. However, for famous screenwriters, their fees could go up to $5 million per script.  

Other off-screen jobs also include makeup artist, boom operator, camera operator, and key grip. Some of these jobs are paid hourly. A makeup artist is often paid around $50 per hour or around $75,000 per year. However, if it is for a bigger production, a makeup artist can earn up to $120,000 and above. A boom operator, who holds the microphone during scenes, are often paid around $30,000-$70,000 depending on the scale of the production. This is the same for key grips who oversee all the equipment in the set. On the other hand, camera operators are often paid around $50,000 per year.  

The Rehab Movie “A Million Little Pieces” Falls Flat

Drama films are known to deliver the best performances from the most popular actors of this time. These films usually involve social problems, family tragedies, and personal conflicts. In the wake of the US opioid crisis, a genre of literature that heavily involves dealing with substance abuse and its effects toward oneself and the community has become popular. The emotional stories of rehabilitated men and women are written in pages of books and later, make into heart-wrenching films. This genre not only opens our eyes to the struggle of the people in the opioid crisis but also reminds us, how accepting ourselves in our most vulnerable form, can be the most cathartic experience.

Pieces put together

One of the films that fall into the drug-related genre is A Million Little Pieces directed by Sam Taylor-Johnson. It tells the story of a young drug addict who is making an effort to quit his addiction by checking into a rehabilitation center. The movie stars Aaron Taylor-Johnson as the main character James Frey.

The films starts in the early ‘90s where James Frey is brought home after a drug-induced accident. His things are packed and he was decided to be sent off to a rehabilitation center by his brother Bob Frey played by Charlie Hunnam. Inside the facility, James forms friendship with the other patients including Leonard, a mafia boss played by Billy Bob Thorton, and Lilly, another drug addict like himself played by Odessa Young. Leonard plays an important role in James’ recovery as he serves as mentor and confidant to James. And despite not being allowed by the facility to mingle with the opposite sex, James finds love in Lilly.  

However, a tragedy strikes and James falls in a dark downward spiral to self-destruction. It seemed to be unrecoverable at first, but James perseveres and fights back. After much struggle, James finally bounces back and does not relapse again.

What goes behind the movie

The movie is heavily based on the book A Million Little Pieces by James Frey that was supposed to be a memoir of his time as a drug addict until journalists exposed the author his fabrications. Frey refutted all claims against his work. However, Warner Bros. withheld the right because of this and decided to shelf the project for a period of time.

In 2017, the project was picked up and decided to have director Sam Taylor-Johnson at the helm. However, this did not save the movie from its inevitable demise as the story is lack-luster and flat.